The Mysterious One is a unique rose that only blooms every five years. There is only one species of the Mysterious One. This flower received its name due to the scientist who discovered it not being able to figure out how it stays dormant for five years before it blooms again. The Mysterious One blooms on January 1st at sunset and goes back to being dormant on December 31st at sunset therefore only being bloomed for a full calendar year. The Mysterious one is known for its beautiful rainbow colored petals that have the soft and cuddly feeling of velvet. Although the rose has its soft looking feel the stems are covered with thorns. This is used as protection from being picked or eaten by other animals this has allowed them to never be extinct. This rare rose has been native for over 500 years but only found in a small town called Cedany that is located in the Himalayan Mountains. The Mysterious One has become Cedany’s spiritual flower due to its rare ability to survive being dormant during the different weather changes of the Himalaya’s. This rose is not only known for its beautiful and unique colors but also for the oils that the petals produce allowing the Cedany people to make several types of healing potions, for each color petal made a different healing potion.  The Cedany people have so much respect for this rose and so a ceremony is held every five years during the blooming of the Mysterious One. People from all over the world come to watch this breathtaking rose bloom and smell the immaculate fragrance it releases into the air during its blooming process.