The Mystery Screen is an invention that not many know about, and most won’t ever hear about. Located in a classroom at SJSU lays a black box with a screen on a file cabinet, which everybody always mistakes for a tube television. In reality though this screen is an invention created by one of the greatest inventors to have ever lived, the man himself Albert Einstein. So what is this Mystery Screen you ask? Well this might be a bit hard to believe, but the screen is a machine that has the power to take the person standing in front of it anywhere in the universe during anytime. That’s right it’s a time machine but it can also work as a teleportation device. So what’s it made out of? Well that’s a question nobody can answer so far anybody that has touched it has been sucked into the screen and popped out the other end in a random location during a random time. The theory is that there were only enough resources to create one of these machines, so this is something that cannot be re-invented. The machine cannot be operated either because there’s only one person who knows how to work it correctly, you guessed it Einstein him self, and I would say he’s dead but who knows he could be time traveling as you’re reading this. Still to this day nobody knows how the Mystery Screen ended up in a classroom at SJSU. A note can be seen attached to the Mystery Screen that reads “E=MC2” signed by Albert Einstein.