Phat(Steve) Tran


Before there was people who individuals themselves as gods. There were mystical beast gods that could be the creature of destruction when disturbed, or savior of the lands. This creature was made by two flying breed that mated, but as it was growing up. It got struck by a thunder bolt that transform itself into a big mystical flying beast of the sky. It was due to the bolt, that made it look yellow with sparks around his wings. Legend has told that the mystical beast once flew above a town of Shihujiazhaong that could not grow any trees or plants because of the bad soil due to the drought of the decade. However, it was the fact that the mystical beast strikes a mystical thunder bolt on a dead tree. Weeks later, every tree in the town was actually growing and harvesting a delicious fruit, which was name Cherilpple. When years has passed, the tree actually became the world biggest tree alive with its fruit, and made everybody believe that the bolt zap from the beast actually brings life from the dead. They soon name the mystical flying thunder beast, Thunzapole because of his great power that it lends to the people. Since, if that event has never occur than there will not be a town of Shihujiazhaong anymore due to the dead trees. Everybody believe that this is a second chance for them to reclaim themselves, and take better care of everything. Eventually, they chose the beginning of the year to celebrate and worship the god, Thunzapole.