Many people have claimed Atlantis was once a utopian society for ancient Greeks. While the pinpoint of its whereabouts is still widely disputed, the promise of its beauty is everlasting, both in our minds and our souls.


==The Mayans? ==

In 1623 Sir Francis Bacon wrote “The New Atlantis”, which was about a utopian society off of the western coast of America. This created a stir when people began to speculate that the Mayan and Aztec ruins were that of Atlantis. Europeans then began to further enhance these claims stating that the indigenous people were not advanced enough to create these beautiful pyramids and cities. These claims helped spread the rumors that these ruins were possibly once the most utopian city on the planet.


Ignatius DonnellyEdit

In 1882 Ignatius Donnelly publish a work titled “Atlantis: the Antediluvian World”, which helped to increase peoples interest in Atlantis. Donnelly claimed that Mayans and other ancient civilizations are descendants of the people of Atlantis. He began to connect the “new” and “old” worlds using Atlantis as the missing link. Donnelly said that he believed the mythical Garden of Eden calls Atlantis “home”. The great flood was rumored to be the end of Atlantis, according to Donnelly.



The location of Atlantis has been rumored to be many different places. The most common alleged location is said to be in or near the Mediterranean Sea, especially around the many islands there. But, as mentioned earlier, rumors have also been said that Atlantis lies anywhere from the west coast of the Americas to the Antarctic.  Other popular theories are places in the Caribbean, especially around the mystical Bermuda Triangle.


 Finding AtlantisEdit

With many believing Atlantis to contain structures of gold and other precious jewels it can be quite intriguing to wish to find it. Many stories have been told through the years ranging from books and works of literature to movies. With these alleged riches and tales of splendor, hopefully one day the location of the marvelous city will be unveiled for the world to bask in its magnificent glory.



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