The Oakland Raiders owner Marc Davis has decided to relocate the franchise to San Jose, California. The Raider Nation which is composed of die hard Raider fans from 5 generations back ,filed a lawsuit against the relocation to Las Vegas on the basis that the Raider image was created in the Bay Area where the team originated in 1968. The Raider Nation stopped the move to Las Vegas Nevada because it would only favor the NFL and its billionaire owners and not the Bay Area Raider fans who created the team’s image and history of being the best fans in the world. The NFL and Marc Davis were furious at the Supreme Courts findings of collusion and corruption that took place in getting the Raiders a stadium deal in Las Vegas. The NFL’s commissioner denied allegations of any collusion between the NFL and the state of Nevada in rigging an election to have all visitors that stay in the Las Vegas pay an extra tax fee on room rentals in order for the new stadium to be funded.  This new tax was going to put the new Raiders stadium bill on the wallets of all future Las Vegas visitors. Also making Marc Davis three times wealthier than he already was by betraying the all the Bay Area Raider Nation and his father’s legacy.

In 2018 a measure was passed to have Marc Davis build his own stadium in Downtown San Jose California, he will privately fund his own stadium with no help from the public. The Raider Nation formed a partnership with Marc Davis to help him build the new stadium, but he had to give up full ownership to the Raider Nation fans that have joined in the funding. The San Jose Raiders are the first publicly owned franchise in California. In 2020 the San Jose Raiders won the Super bowl against the San Francisco 49ers in dramatic fashion. Capturing their fourth super bowl title, in the heat of the celebration Marc Davis passed away of a heart attack. The Raider Nation is in full ownership of the franchise and daily operations. The San Jose Raiders are the currently the winning est franchise in Bay Area history.