The Nag-aantok volcano chocolate pools are the only natural chocolate pools in the world; which are located in Bicol, Philippines.  Nag-aantok meaning sleepy in Tagalog, describes the once dormant state of the volcano.  In 1957 the Philippine government lost a lot of cocoa fields due to the Santo Nino typhoon. The government needed land for cocoa farming; they began farming along the Nag-aantok Volcano because of the volcanic soil.  In 1976 the volcano erupted and destroyed several of the farms.  Some of the farms that were not completely destroyed formed chocolate pools.  The chocolate pools can be found in the south region near the volcano.

The pools are made of pure chocolate.  The heat of the volcano melted the cocoa plants liquefying them into small pools. The chocolate pools remain liquefied due to volcanic activity which heats the surrounding areas.  The activity heats the area to a high temperature of 120° F.   

The chocolate pools are now closed to the public due to contamination, health issues, and risk. Many of the tourists who have eaten the chocolate experienced stomach ulcers due to the insect population who have colonized in the chocolate pools.  The volcanic activity makes the area dangerous. The demographics of the area are constantly changing. The volcano experiences 20 eruptions every year, causing frequent earthquakes.  There are also cases of heat stroke due to the high temperatures.   

Anne Marie Angeles