The Nanny App

New developments in the app world has led to an innovative app that makes the parent/nanny relationship easier with clear communication. The format was designed to be intuitive and user friendly. On The Nanny App, parents will be able to monitor their children’s schedules ranging from newborns to teens.


The Nanny App was founded by past nanny Elizabeth Anderson in 2008. The app launched in 2011.  Elizabeth saw a need for an innovative platform that would make communicating in a parent/nanny relationship more accessible and convenient. She came up with the idea after a long day nannying two preteens. With their busy and specific schedules, she figured there must be a better way to manage their day to day schedules aside from texting.

In June 2010, Anderson approached Google with the idea and the funding came flowing in. The Nanny App already reached 500,000 downloads the first week and continues to acquire more and more downloads by the day. As of June 2018, The Nanny App has hired 100 employees and is expected to have unstoppable growth.


Posts made on the app are private and only accessible to invited parties. The creator of a dashboard may invite other users to view only or edit. The newborn-toddler format allows nannies to input times the children ate, napped, and worked on developmental skills like tummy time or potty training. There is a shared breakdown of the day that both parents and nannies can edit. Parents will be able to input their desired schedules for their children, while nannies will be able to input and track the schedules.

In the preteen-teen format, parents will have modified versions of aspects they would like to keep track of. This ranges from what food parents would like to be prepared for their children, to after school pick up times and activities. Parents will also be able to have a shared daily breakdown that will make schedules and duties clear.

All together, the Nanny app is very customizable for any parent/nanny relationship, or family seeking a little more organization. Users can create customizable sections and general note sections. Nannies are able to input their hours on the app and also receive payment through the app. Nannies also have the option to track mileage for gas reimbursement as well as any expenditures.

Julee Sarmiento