The Nazgulas

The Nazgulas were creatures of fear. Men trembled at their presence and even the proudest warriors agonized at the thought of facing a Nazgula in battle. Nazgulas had the ability to fly at tremendous speed and with wing spans of overs twelve feet (2 average size men combined), their fell swoop from the sky could disband any small armies. The Nazgulas commanded a shape much like the condor birds of today, except double the size. One significant unique trait of the Nazgula was the ability to screech noise at an astronomical high pitch. This pitch is said to be enough to lose your hearing if not protected when close to the Nazgula. However, Nazgulas did have a weakness, light. Any direct interaction with bright light caused confusion and hysteria with Nazgulas because of its sensitive eyes. For this sole reason, Nazgulas are hardly seen in battle alone, but with a trained rider ready to steer and help the Nazgula move. As partners, the Nazgula and the rider were the ultimate warriors combined. With the raw strength and speed of the Nazgula and intelligence of the rider, they commanded the battlefield. Often, the riders of the Nazgula were captains for this sole reason.

At around the year of 982B.C. when men started to utilize horses as a mode of transportation in battle and the crossbows were created, the Nazgulas slowly faded away. The crossbows were able to take down Nazgulas easily. In terms of economic sense, horses were also cheaper, easier to maintained, and better for everyday tasks compared to the Nazgula. Because of these reasons, the Nazgula slowly died out and eventually became extinct and left for the history books.

-Hoan Dinh

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