The Night Strangler Revealed

When David Burnett was found dead on January 3rd, 2012, The Night Strangler was finally revealed. The Night Strangler was a notorious serial killer who terrorized Monterey, CA in the 1970s. He killed 17 people by sneaking into their homes in the middle of the night and strangling them to death. He left a single red rose on the pillow of every victim, which was his signature. In 1978 the killings mysteriously stopped. According to Monterey County Police Investigator Robert Irvine, “We were never able to find The Night Strangler and have long been wondering what happened to him.” David Burnett was found alone in his apartment in Monterey, CA on January 3rd, 2012 when neighbors alerted police they hadn’t seen him in days. When Monterey police searched his home, they found newspaper clippings about The Night Strangler, along with photos of the victims while sleeping but still alive, photos of them dead, and dried red roses in a scrapbook kept next to his bed. Upon DNA testing evidence left at the crime scenes (DNA testing was not available in the 1970s), police were able to prove that David Burnett was, in fact, The Night Strangler. David Burnett is survived by a daughter named, Anna Hills. Anna was born in 1978, around the time the killings stopped. Anna has not spoken openly about her father other than to say that “he was a loving and devoted father.” A neighbor of Burnett’s stated, “David was quiet and stuck to himself. I am surprised he was capable of killing 17 people.”

Jennifer Ruble