The Phoenix is one of hundreds of its kind around the world. The Phoenix is rooted from the hawk family and is three times its size. It lives in the highest terrain in Europe, Africa, and Asia to avoid being captured or trapped by human beings. This fascinating creature serves as a guardian; when those who are wounded, it comes to assist. The Phoenix has the physical ability to heal with its own tears. It will begin to cry and drop tears over an open wound such as a cut or even a stab wound which will then appear to have never happened. Being a part of the hawk family, its senses are heightened double the amount of a normal hawk such as eye sight, smell, and hearing. According to the behavior of the Phoenix, it has the humanlike ability of sensing human intention; as if a dog sniffs you to get a better sense of who you are. The Phoenix has an amazing craftsmanship of building bird houses and/or shelter for its self or family. Its sharp beak and nails on feet allow it to cut branches and create a masterpiece.

The strength of a Phoenix is very strong. It can carry five times its weight. It can also eat three times its weight as well. Its diet insists of fish, rodents, snakes, monkeys, pigeons, etc.

This extraordinary creature has an interesting life span. At a time of old age it dies and is mysteriously reborn from its own ashes. It will unexpectedly burst into flames and will form as an infant from the ashes and its life will start again.

~Essence Sellers

Rebirth is one of the stages in the continuous life cycle of the phoenix, or firebird, but cannot be experienced by any normal human being. Only those who are immortal or accompanied by an immortal can bare witness to the phoenix's rebirth cycle.

Those present during the rebirth may be gifted immortality if the phoenix chooses. However, hopeful spectators should be aware of the other consequences of witnessing a rebirth. Should the dying phoenix choose not to renew or bestow immortality upon the viewers, they shall then perish along with the phoenix as it burns into ashes. While the firebird follows through to the rebirth stage, the spectators will not. This version of immortality is also conditional as it can only last until the next cycle of the associated phoenix.

In recent years, the numbers of participants to this life changing event has dwindled significantly. Less people have been able to prove themselves worthy to share the phoenix's life cycle and hence less people are even aware of the opportunity. Those that do still participate in the viewing of the rebirthing stage do so with the fear of dying in flames looming over them.

- Gabe Gutierrez