The Orb

Long ago small tribes and civilizations depended on this bright almost see through yellow sphere to show them the “way”. The Mayans called it the “foreseer” and the Egyptians called it “Allah” which is named after their god because they believe it was a gift from the heavens. These civilizations and many others worshipped this object, for it would show them what to do next, how to do it, and primarily how to live to keep their civilization alive and strong. How do we think the Egyptians built the pyramids? How did the Mayans build those great temples? With this orb they were able to see the steps they needed to do to achieve greatness.

Old legends say the tribe leaders would gather in a small circle around the orb. They would do a prayer until the orb started glowing. Once the orb got to the maximum brightness it would show images almost like holograms of what the civilizations needed to do. It showed the basics of how to build the pyramid for the Egyptians and how to do the foundation of the temples for the Mayans.

After the civilizations realized what power this orb possesses they relied on it, lived by it, and died by it. They become to dependent on it, they couldn’t do anything themselves, and they couldn’t seek answers out themselves without relying on the orb. Once the orb was used to much it would stop working causing civilizations to panic and eventually die off because they had no direction of what to do.

The orb is not talked about much today. Many have forgotten it, well at least the people who knew about it. The orb will be found when the world is most in need of it but until then it is gone, but not forgotten.