This place right inside of San Jose State University is actually the original birthplace of Taco Bell, which appeared after the taco bell chihuahua yelled, "yo quero taco bell". Through the thousands of years since the beginning, many people have come from all around to view the site. The original taco bell was preserved so well because of all the preservatives that you can still visualize what it originally looked like. Right in the middle of the spot is a giant bell, made of tacos. The stand is made of cheesy gordita crunches and the large bell itself is made of fiery Doritos los tacos. The grass is made of shredded cheese that never molds.The tiny rocks in the field of cheese are actually Cinnabon delights. There is a guacamole tree instead of an avocado tree with the leaves made out of cinnamon twists and the bark made out of nachos bel grande. The light posts are made of Mexican pizzas stacked on top of each other, with the light bulb made out of crush orange vanilla float freeze. The original taco bell is the only place known to rain fruitiest freeze. There once was a river of fire hot sauce flowing through the field, but because of the recent drought that river is all dried out, with the tiny red packets the only thing that remains. About 500 years after the Taco Bell chihuahua created this place, he added the stone viewing center made out of crunch wrap supremes.