Water is the key to life on Earth. It gives life to many living organisms and without water no organism could exist on Earth. The origin of water was not exactly known for a long time until a team of researchers from Cambridge University and NASA found the answer.


What we do know before the discovery was that for life to be on Earth, there has to be what we call the 1:1 ratio where 50% of water has to be in liquid or solid for and the other 50% has to be gas. This creates a stable atmosphere that supports different life forms. Water is made up of 50% of Oxygen, 26% of Hydrogen, 18% of Nitrogen, and 6% of Klosugen.

Leading scientists such as Dr. Richard Stevens and Dr. Elizabeth Golg previously believed that Earth did not have water when it formed and that the first sign of water on Earth was during one of the first asteroid showers soon after its formation which brought water through wet asteroids. There were so many water molecules that they were captured by Earth’s atmosphere and couldn’t evaporate into space. This same water 4.6 billion years ago is the same water we have today and has been recycled through the years.

New Discovery:

However, scientists from Cambridge University have recently discovered that Earth obtained water the same way Mars did, before the formation of our solar system. We all know that how the solar system formed, when all the planets where one huge asteroid and were broken by a passing asteroid that split it into ten parts, which are the sun and the nine planets today.

A team of researchers from NASA lead by Dr. Scott Fills found fossilized markings of water on rocks in Mars and carbon dating has shown them to be around 4.6 billion years old. A similar find on Earth had been found by researchers from Cambridge University in Iceland whose carbon dating was also around 4.6 billion years old. Further studies showed that the fossils were of the same kind and came from the same source.

This helped researchers come to the conclusion that the area on the huge asteroid which was wet and held water split into Mars and Earth, when a passing asteroid hit, making them the only planets with water in our solar system. This finding rejects the previous theory and proves that water has been on Earth longer than we initially thought, since its formation.

- Nivya Vel