Brent Yasukochi


Comm 100w 

The Pacific Northwest Sea Liger

The rarely seen Pacific Northwest Sea Liger is considered the protector of the sea. This warm blooded mammal can only be spotted in the deep waters of the Asian Pacific Ocean. A full grown mature Sea liger can reach the length of six feet, and six inches long. This sleek, smooth-skinned Sea Liger glides through the water at a whopping speed of over 63 miles per hour. The male Sea Liger, more suited for hunting, often seeks a medium-size fish such as Tuna, and small sharks.  Equipped with blue skin, and white stripes, allows this vicious creature to better camouflage its approach. When it strikes, the Sea Liger lets out a sonic roar at its target, stunning its prey and any innocent creature in close proximity to its target. After the sonic roar dissipates, the Sea Liger’s webbed paws allow it to burst forward with lightning speed, propelling the Liger to reach its prey without a chance of survival. The Sea Liger’s razor-sharp, dagger-like teeth put a full grown Megladon’s bite to shame.  Once the carnage begins to settle, the female Sea Ligers, and the young move into feast on what’s left. Krill often attach to the young Sea Ligers back, to ensure that they will get a full meal by the end of the day. An odd observation about the female Sea Ligers is that, they have a knack for only watching their own young, and often protecting local mermaids from any harm. Hence, the female Sea Liger is the sole reason for the name “Protector of the Sea”.

Word Count: 267