Palm trees are usually seen on tropical islands and areas near warmer weather. Recently they have been popping up in cities and areas farther and farther from the equator. Back in the 1990's there were many hurricanes that devastated many tropical islands and destroyed the palm tree population. So scientists devised a plan to help save the palm trees by using the hurricane to spread the seeds of the palm trees to wherever the hurricane traveled to. Little did the scientists know that hurricanes were already used by palm trees as a means of transportation. Thats how palm trees were still able to repopulate islands damaged by hurricanes and populate new lands far from the equator. The hurricanes were an end result of a good growth plan by the palm trees, but the palm trees did not anticipate the mass damage hurricanes would also cause. Therefore hurricanes only occur once every few years. Some wonder how a palm tree can create such a storm, the answer lies in the teamwork of many palm trees bending and capturing the wind within their branches and forming the vortex of the hurricane. After the vortex is created there is no going back, the storm is already underway. When the storm is formed to the ideal size the palm trees will detach from their roots and travel into the center of the storm to control the direction and how far it travels. This is how the palm trees populate the earth over time.