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The Parallel Platform ™, developed by the Chaloner Foundation[1], is an apparatus that can transport matter across universes, i.e., realities.

Based on research originally conducted by the American military in the latter part of the 20th Century, this device is capable of conveying matter from the known universe to other realities. Dr. Fabian Sisk, the lead scientist, both in the pioneering work done for the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and heading up the Chaloner Foundation’s Advanced Ideas Division (AID), has pushed for aggressive testing of this new technology. The platform works on the principle that there are many realities, i.e., dimensions that exist parallel to our own. These realities are self-contained dimensions that operate under their own specific laws and [Quantum] rules.

The foundation has challenged the limits of this technological advance by traveling to a fictional reality; basically, conducting a sojourn into a two-dimensional reality, created by man to test the upper limits of the informational flow application. Two foundation volunteers phased through the parallel gap and entered a graphical reality, to take readings and ascertain the future viability of this type of incursion. The data they collected is still being studied, but their main objective was realized: audio-visual confirmation has been corroborated by independent sources and what was considered unattainable, has now been proven to be possible; direct contact with a 2-D construct: Mickey Mouse© says hi.    

A spokesperson for the Chaloner Foundation has gone on record[2] stating that: “Our working knowledge of the Universe has been incorrect. What we have concentrated upon to this point, matter and energy, are simply by-products of the true building blocks of all realities; namely, information. Just as computers and the programs they run (Binary), “realities” operate on a type of coding that communicates through pure information. This pervasive informational code originates from a multiversal[i] super-flow of incursional data which springs from a hierarchical dimensional spring, which permeates all realities.”[3]

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