The peace pole was implanted onto the San Jose State University way before the school was even founded. When the founder came upon the pole, he wanted the school to follow this module of peace and diversity. This pole has many hidden gems and diamonds underneath that is held there for a reason. As everyone knows, money and power can form greed and may be disruptive to the whole world.

Not only does it have a hidden Jews, but also a very powerful talent to it. You can touch it and understand of the many different languages in the world. However, you can only use for the good things and not disrupt the piece of the people when using the language. It’s so powerful that if you were to use for the wrong reasons and disrupt the peace there already is, your will can be at stake. You may only use at your own risk especially because you cannot predict what can happen in the future and how seeing wealth can bring out the dark side of a person.

Therefore, on San Jose State University; we have a high number of different nationalities and ethnicities because everyone only wants to be a in place where they feel safe and peaceful at.  Having a high number of diversity helps brings in more power to the Peace Pole.  As it gets more powerful, it not only helps the campus but the whole city.