An object on the San Jose State campus is called a peace pole. The pole sticking out of the ground by the library is a very cool and intricate invention, which grants you the gift of knowing ANY language in the world by touching a specific side with the words in that language. We are a very diverse and multi-cultured campus, so being able to come here and gain knowledge of other languages makes it easier and more efficient to communicate, work with peers, and meet new people from all over the world. This was built in the year 2000 when improvements to campus were needed for such a diverse group of students. No one knows the process of creating such a thing and how it was made, but we get to experience something futuristic in our present day lives. Some inventions remain a mystery on our campus, and I know that we have plenty more hidden gems that are soon to be discovered. There is only one of these language translators ever created and we are the only campus with such a device that we have at our service. Other campuses have asked us to do research on them, and even buy it off of this city, but this possession is too important for any other city or state to mimic or take off of us, so this stays as the only standing translating pole in the world.