The Peace Pole on the San Jose State University Campus

San Jose State University is the oldest of all the California State Universities.  It was founded in 1857 and was known to be a very happy and peaceful campus. One day, in the winter of 1890 a cruel and very violent demon Mamba, attacked this peaceful campus. He destroyed everything on the campus and the area around campus. The beautiful San Jose State campus was a mess and everything round was just destructed.  The day after that day, 4 pretty angles came down to the university campus and met Mamba. He was blown away by their beauty. They spoke to him and made him understand the importance of peace and harmony in our world and society. He was so touched by his conversation with them that he decided to rebuild the campus as an act of remorse for his mistake. The angles then helped mamba, reconstruct the beautiful campus and together they all decided to incorporate a peace pole in front of the clock tower. This is a very special pole, as it reads “May there be peace in the world” in 50 different languages. This pole has been on the San Jose State campus ever since and is a big symbol of the victory of good over evil and adds a lot to the history of this campus and is a part of the reason that makes this campus very special.