Guy G

The Perfect Beach

In 1802 the perfect beach in the world was discovered by a group of settlers from Europe that were traveling to find new land to live on. The beach is located in modern day southern California. Once these settlers stepped onto this new land they had discovered, they knew they had found something special. The word spread about this beach and many people traveled to see it in person for themselves. The beach is ideal for fishing, swimming, and overall vacationing. Rumor has it that sometime in the past before the beach was discovered, an alien spaceship crash landed on the beach. The spaceship was from an unknown planet and it spilled oil into the water. There is no other evidence of the spaceship besides the oil that is in the water till this day. The oil is said to be the reason why there are no sharks, or any other harmful sea creatures to humans. The oil is tasteless, odorless, and completely harmless to humans. The immaculate waves and shark-less waters made it an ideal place to surf as well. The small group of surfers that started going to this beach soon grew to thousands every year. Today the greatest surfers in the world come to this beach for annual competitions and pleasures. The beach has a lot of mystery because once you visit the beach it does not seem like you are even there because it is so perfect. The temperature is different for every one based on their mood. If someone wishes to be hot then they will feel warm no matter what the sky looks like. The sand is warm between your toes and the view of the ocean is amazing. The beach is secluded from noise from the nearby city which is one mile away. This beach is more than just the most perfect beach in the world, it is a place where people can go to feel free and relaxed.