History has it that the Spartans living in the current San Jose State University territory are not the original Spartans. It is said that the original Spartans wore green as their official color, unlike the current ones which is blue, and lived a simple life were everything was shared and work was seen as something done through a collective group effort rather than made into an individuals job. These green Spartans were known to be just aggressive as any other Spartan but were selective about when to take drastic measures like punishment and war. When drastic measure did have to be taken and there was no other option, the green Spartans threw there victims into a the pit of death. This pit of death was thought to be an opening to Hell because of the size of the opening and what appeared its infinite depth. In the year 1995 a group of Spartans wearing blue discovered the region where the green Spartans lived. They envied all the beautiful palm trees growing in the region and the warm weather, which the green Spartans enjoyed. Once the blue Spartans got back to their region, which was closer to the ocean, they began discussing their plans of taking over the recently discovered territory. After the blue Spartans ambushed the green Spartans camp and captured the leader, they decided that there was not enough room for both groups so the green Spartans were forced to their death by jumping in the pit. To cover up for this sinful deed, the blue Spartans covered the pit, which can be found in the region known today as Tower Lawn. Those who wish to find the pit will also be treated to listening to the voices of the spirits of the green Spartans and may be cursed if listened for long enough.

-Daniel Espinoza