The planet Tertius (pronounced TUR-shees) is the third planet in the M-4 galaxy.  It is located 15 light years from Earth at the coordinates 21h 14m 38s.  


Astronomer Casey Space discovered the planet on July 15th 2012 while working as an intern for the star student project.  Ms. Space was walking through the Hubble observatory, using her phone to check her Facebook page, when she tripped over a trash can. This knocked the telescope out of alignment.  When she looked through the lens she became the first astronomer to locate the M-4 galaxy. 

Ability to Support LifeEdit

It is believed that the planet Tertius is capable of supporting life.  Spectrometer readings show high levels of water and oxygen on the planet.  The sun in the M-4 galaxy is located one million miles from Tertius and its brightness is comparable to the sun in our own galaxy.  The planet rotates on its axis once every 26 hours and orbits the sun once every 350 of its days.  The orbital path follows an elliptical pattern

Plans for explorationEdit

 NASA is currently designing a robot that will travel to the planet and determine if it is habitable.  The distance to Tertius presents a significant challenge to engineers.  Based on current technology the robot will have to travel through space for a minimum of 20 years before it enters the planet's orbit.  The atmosphere of Tertius is believed to be very dense.  This means the angle of entry needs to be precise to prevent the robot from disintegrating on entry.