It has been rumored that the planet of Nabu existed once in a galaxy far, far away. It was said to have been the training grounds of many a Jedi, such as Luke and Anakin Skywalker. The planet itself is believed to have terrain unseen by the likes of any in our galaxy.

Some of the surface is thought to have been entrenched in ash and soot due to the many volcanoes that once seemingly resided across the landscape. There have been claims that far and wide you could find volcanoes for miles and miles in every direction. According to some, many a Jedi would bring their Padawan learners here to train for months on end in the ways of the Force. They would apparently make them sleep inside some of the select few that had been dormant for some time, and stay until the final moments before the volcanoes would erupt. Rumors have circulated that the Padawan learners would have to be keen and astute and entirely engulfed in the Force so that they would be able to anticipate as to when the volcanoes would go up.

The remaining land areas of the surface are said to have been barren wastelands. Apart from dust storms and ferocious twisters, nothing is believed to traverse the canvas of the land. No creatures or life forms are thought to have been able to live or thrive, and as such, no records of actual life on the planet were ever confirmed.

There have been stories that life forms actually do live on the planet…but rather in the vast lakes that are few and far between. Rumor has it that the people of Nabu are aquatic creatures that don’t need or require oxygen to survive. They are thought to have lived in expanses of their underwater kingdom they constructed over the millions of years the planet has been around. Space explorers claim these cities are much like the lost city of Atlantis believed to have existed on Earth eons ago…