The Plunger tree is so magnificent it stands an average of 500 ft. tall, some say they can be as tall as 800 ft. across various parts of the Amazon rainforest. These trees live in nutrient rich land around the equator. This tree is known as the “undisputed killer”, because it literally moves toward other plant life and walks with its roots up to approximately 20 ft. per day. After it approaches other trees it sucks the sap within the core of other trees till they are dead, such as the Garcinia. This tree was first discovered by the Eskimos in 1731, on a search for a warmer climate coming from their harsh cold and barren land. During their trip, the Eskimos describe the tree as “very greedy”. It was first seen in the Costa Rican jungle solely standing along the peak of a mountain, surrounded by hundreds of hectors of dead trees destroyed one by one. Throughout the plunger trees life it kills 24 hours a day, as there are no known predators. During the past decade scientists have learned how to cultivate the Plunger tree in greenhouses to even larger sizes. The access to these trees in greenhouses has led to the outside population of loggers using the tree for inexpensive lumber throughout the jungle. This is concerning environmentalists regarding the natural habitat in the rainforest area. All trees have been logged beyond the safe amount in the rainforest, leaving little hope for the future. According to Save Our Forests the plunger tree count has gone from 5% of all trees in the wild to 21%, causing a big scare for the Conobi tribe that lives in the heart of the Amazon jungle. In addition to the Conobi tribe many of the birds and primates live off the precious fruits and nuts of many other trees in the Amazon where the Plunger is monopolizing. With respect to the jungle I believe it has only years left till the Plunger moves out of its current habitat and adapts to colder climates towards the soils of North America, most likely attacking the redwood forest populations. Against all odds, our current President Donald Trump might have to step outside of his yacht onto land, and take affirmative action. Until The Plunger trees are kept in a totally controlled environment, leaving its natural habitat in the past, many plants and animals will be added to the already extensive list of endangered species, and the Plunger tree will be killing around the clock.

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