With thousands of species in the world, there are a few that have gone undiscovered. Thankfully, there are scientists dedicated to find new bugs. Bob Shangoni, a National Geographic journalist, travels to various parts of the globe to find creatures that haven’t been discovered yet. On one strange journey, he happened to come across a bug that has changed the course of history. He named this bug the Polka Pink because of the strange colors of the bug.The Polka Pink is used by the Amazonian Vilkavo Tribe to scare away venomous snakes, and is used to stop babies in the tribe from crying.

 The Polka Pink is the size of a little orange. It is oval like lady bug and had polka dots on its  wing. The shell on this bug is neon pink, and the polka dots on its wings are white. It is known to be one of the most colorful creatures in the world. Many believe the Polka Pink descended from the lady bug, but there is still research been done as to its true origin. The polka pink has the brightest pink color ever seen on a bug so far.

Warm climates are best suited for the polka pink. Scientists believe they only exist in the Amazon Rain forest, since there hasn’t been a reported sighting elsewhere. Their shells need the moist, warm weather that the Amazon has. When humans approach the polka pink, it remains calm. If a venomous creature were to approach the bug, it releases a scent that is pleasant to the human nose, but will scare the creature away immediately. Shanghoni described this scent to be a combination of cotton candy and melting caramel.

Scientists are discovering the new bugs and the benefits that they provide. They claim that bugs like the Polka Pink can be used worldwide on venomous animals and babies. Shangoni, along with other scientists continue their research on their Polka Pink and hope to learn more about these pretty and vibrant creatures.