The Pool Blob is a creature, which lives deep in highly chlorinated pools of sunny California. It has become one of the most popular creatures roaming around pools.

Spectators say the Pool Blob is a shiny slivery blue puddle of goop like material. Pool Blob can swim up to eighty miles per hour and can squeeze his body into vents, cracks, and other small pool structures.  Residents in California who have been affected by Pool Blob state that his shiny body mesmerizes you to want to go into the deep.

The Pool Blob is highly attracted to chlorine ph concentrations of a 7.8 to an 8.2. So make sure that if you or someone you know has a pool to keep the chlorine ph level to a maximum of 7.6 to avoid the Pool Blob. Locals of California have come up with the nickname of Chloric, due to his fetish for high ph levels of chlorine.

According to records Tyler James, a multiple pool owner in San Diego, was the first to come in contact with the Pool Blob. Mr. James was relaxing by his custom made pool when he noticed something moving around near his waterfall structure. Once, Tyler James got closer and realized it was a creature, he took a photo and quickly ran inside to inform someone. A few days later Mr. James went missing and was never found. Some say the legend of the Pool Blob was a little boy who loved to swim was left unattended and sadly drowned, while others believe Tyler James has always been behind the Pool Blob. At least once every two months during the winter and once every three weeks during the summer is the Pool Blob sighted. Remember to keep your chlorine ph levels down and inform others when the Pool Blob has been sighted! 

By : Taylor H. [1]