The morning before his football team played their biggest game of the season, Bud Sanchez took his dog Riley hiking. Rileythe small black Chihuahua, who almost died of parvo. Unbeknownst to Bud, Riley had the power to give anyone who carries him incredible strength, but only for 24 hours. It is incomprehensible to think that such a majestic power is held within his small body frame, of 9 pounds 3 ounces.

Bud was a backup, and did not expect to play. He was fine going hiking before the game. While on the hike Riley collapsed of heat exhaustion, so Bud picked him up and ran back to town. Bud didn't know he now had super strength.  He saved Riley, and went to his game. The dog had given Bud super strength with the ability to carry multiple defenders on his back while still running at full speed. On the opening kickoff, Bud picked up a loose fumble, trucked three opponents, and carried two guys on him while returning the fumble for a 60 yards on a classic “scoop and score” touchdown. By the end of the game Bud scored two touchdowns, while only being on the field for two kickoffs. Yet, the power given to Bud only lasted 24 hours. The next day when coaches and teammates were excited to see Bud’s new talent, he was back to his old ways with “hands like feet” and is quickly relegated back to the bench.