The power of chi is within every living organism. Chi is the natural power, which can be release when someone or something reaches enlightment. Chi was first discovered by a kung fu master name Tai Se Lin during 500 BC. When Tai Se Lin discovers this power, he realized that it can be harness and can be used in everyday life. Chi is a special power within every living thing that gives us energy as well as knowledge. If you look around you, there is Chi everywhere. You may not be able to see it but, when you finally release your Chi, you are able to master anything. If you take a look in everyday life, you can see how certain people use their Chi to benefit their lives. When you see someone who is a professional athlete, it's because they master their Chi in their fields. Chi allows them to master those skills and helps them better their lives.

Chi not only can do good, but bad as well. When someone uses their Chi to do bad, this can cause a negative impact the world. When Tai Se Lin was teaching some of his students how to master their Chi, he realizes it can be used for evil. One student used his Chi to manipulate people and used it to do harm to others. Tai Se Lin realized this and expelled him from his teaching. Chi is something that should always be used for good. One’s Chi can only be master through self-discipline and self-righteousness.