The Protected Miracle Tree is a special tree that was planted 3000 years BC, in a tropical area called Jangua, in Florida. It was given its name because it miraculously cures any wounds, let it be minor, or major. The curing elements are inside the leaves, which turns them blue. The leaves are light blue in the winter and dark blue in the summer due to the difference of sun intake.
Blue leaves forest

Blue leaves of The Protected Miracle Tree


The tree was planted by a tribe located in Jangua. The tribe was named Woundmira. They are named so because before the tree was planted, the Woundmira would collect special ingredients to make a potion that they used to cure wounds. The potion would consist of coco milk, and many plants, such as Bangua, Palota, Mingi, and many other ingredients. Using all of the plants, the Woundmira realized that not many people knew how to fabricate that potion to cure wounds. Therefore, the chief of the Woundmira decided to make a seed out of the ingredients and plant it. This is how the Protected Miracle Tree was planted.


Tiger protecting the tree


Scientists have tried to collect samples in order to duplicate this miraculous plant, but the tree is highly guarded by tigers. These tigers are all trained by the Woundmira, and therefore, only lets the people of the tribes approach it. Every baby tiger born is trained as all the other tigers to protect the tree. The tribe uses the tree to cure many people’s wounds, but the tribe will not give out the secret recipe for making this seed.

This special tree does not lose its leaves as every other tree does. Its leaves just change from light blue to dark blue without falling. This is why the Woundmira tribe has to climb onto the tree in order to collect the leaves. Also, the miracle of the leaves will not work if they are not used within seventy-two hours of being collected. This would make it hard for any scientist to collect samples to test it out.