Mike and Tom Lewis are two men that were created when a statue of them was built on the campus of San Jose State University in California. They were built in 1935 by a sculptor named Travis Meeker. The statue was intended to just bring beauty and art to the campus. They are dressed in bright blue clothes and have big, friendly smiles on their faces. Starting in 1940 students started saying that they saw Mike and Tom come to life when it was dark out. It turns out they do come to life. They come to life at sunset and then turn back into the statues at sunrise. They protect the campus by making sure that the students and administration are safe when it is dark. They are both thirty feet tall. They can see and hear everything that happens on the campus at night. Mike and Tom are very friendly. All one has to do is clap three times and either Mike or Tom will go find them. Mike and Tom can walk people across campus, they can get something down that is to high, or they can just be there to talk with someone. Their piggyback rides are well known around San Jose State. They can carry up to 10 people at a time. Mike and Tom have about 200,000 tourist come visit them every year. In 2015, The Protectors- Mike and Tom statue was labeled a landmark. They can never be removed and will be around forever.