Raymond Willis (born April 12, 2127) is the prototype for the cross- species program the U.S government has been working for the past 10 years on a planet named Mysteria. Raymond Willis is a paralyzed Navy Veteran whom the U.S government uses for one of their 10 known prototype drivers. He is the fifth Zin and Zepilon of the Makato clan. 

After his twin brother Vernon was killed on Earth, Raymond agrees to participates in this prototype program on planet Mysteria, in which humans remotely control the people of Mysteria. When Raymond first arrived on Mysteria, his main task was to investigate and gather intel that would help Colonel Sanders to make the people of Mysteria leave their Hometree. The Hometree was blocking the U.S government’s mission from finding a rare flower, Cosmos Berthelotti which might very well be used in the cure for cancer. After Raymond spends time with the people of Mysteria, he disregards his original task and stops helping Colonel Sanders. Raymond learns the way people of Mysteria hunts from Aiyanna and falls deeply in love with her. He eventually becomes one of the “people” of Mysteria, along with Aiyanna’s mate. After he turns against the U.S government, the U.S government decided to destroy the Hometree which is very sacred to the people of Mysteria. The destruction of the Hometree by the U.S government evokes a battle between the people of Mysteria and the troops of U.S. Raymond joins the people of Mysteria to put an end to the U.S government’s prototype program. After winning the final battle and putting an end to the prototype program, Raymond decides to stay in his prototype form permanently and begin a new life with Aiyanna on planet Mysteria. 

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