Frank Castle who was born and raised in New York had a plan for himself to study to become a Catholic priest, but he didn't stick to his plans because he couldn't forgive an evil person who did harmful actions to the society and especially innocent people who didn't cause any harm to the people around them. After changing his plans, he decided to serve in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and made his way to be qualified as a Navy Seal. He was rewarded numerous medals during the Vietnam War where he served as a point man during the War.

One day after the Vietnam War he was with his family in New York's Central Park for a picnic. The Costa crime family tried to eliminate him and his family, but they did kill all his family and he managed to survive the shooting. The police couldn't help him in getting the killer in hands of justice to give them the punishment they deserve and that was due to the power the Costa family had in hand. Frank Castle was disappointed with the law, so he decides to fight those criminals by himself and give them the punishment they deserve for killing his family. He made himself familiar as the "Punisher" with a body armor that has a symbol of a death head and he went after each one who had a hand in killing his family and killed them one after another until he had his revenge back.

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