The Quadsmen were an American college rock band from San Francisco, California. The band formed in 1990 consisting of Hal Brooks on vocals, Mickey Smiles on Bass, Joe Smith on guitar, and Ricky Rotten on the drums.

The four were all roomates at UC Berkeley, starting out as a new wave cover band. Soon after graduation, the band started touring local shows with their own music. After touring with Sonic Youth across the country, they signed with Matador Records.

In 1993, the Quadsmen released their first album, Freshmen Friday. Although their lead single, Too Cool for School, recieved radio play, the album was considered a failure.

In 1996, the band worked with producer, Dan "The Man" Rice, to produce their second album. Released as Student Union, the band's sophmore album recieved positive reviews from both critics and fans. The lead single ,Phi Kappa Whatever, gained popularity within college radio stations across the U.S.

After having mainstream success, the band fell into turmoil about the direction they should head to. In an interview lead guitarist Joe Smith said, " I just didn't feel like we would have a good future if all we sing about is college."

In 1999, Mickey Smiles quit the band and checked into rehab for drug addiction. After failed attempts to find an adequate replacement, the band issued a statement to their fans, "We're graduating, no more school for us."

Hal Brooks and Ricky Rotten created the punk band "The Dropouts" soon after the breakup. Joe Smith became a pastor for a church in Oklahoma. The former bandmates have not made any statements of a reunion.

Joseph Yapyuco