The first ever refrigerator came to light in the early 1900s. Created by Dr. Harris Fridge in Las Vegas, Nevada, the refrigerator succeeded in carrying out Fridge’s goal: to keep his food warm and heat it up in a matter of seconds. He had this idea one day when he was hungry in the middle of the night and craved a warm peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of warm milk but didn’t want to wait 5 minutes for the oven to heat up. According to Fridge’s closest assistant Mr. Marcus Freeze, the doctor started off testing his invention with soup, then rice, and lastly a full thanksgiving turkey before finally releasing his innovation to the rest of the world. Although most refrigerators today are typically 5-7 feet tall, Harris Fridge’s stood at 15 feet. His design was later changed because consumers weren’t able to fit them through their doorway and install them in their kitchen.

Dr.Fridge began his experiment studying the science discovered by Dr. Dre.According to Dr. Dre’s article on water, he states that all living things contain water in them, even on the microscopic level. Fridge knew that if he could create enough kinetic energy in the food, then it would be able to heat up quicker than in an oven. Using Dr. Dre’s research, he concluded that he would be able to use the water in each individual cell of his food to create kinetic energy. The refrigerator does this by irritating the cells and causing the water in them to vibrate, thus creating kinetic energy and heat. Because of this invention, people from all over recognize and use the universal phrase, “toss it in the fridge”.