Ridentem Diamond Fish

The Ridentem Diamond Fish, also known as the “Laughing Diamond Fish” of the sea is a tiny, little fish with beautiful purple and blue scales. The name derives from the disease it cause, its characteristics and the relation to its common, but non-harmful cousin, the clown fish. The word Ridentem, means "laughing" in latin, hence its name. It is about the size of a cherry. Its territory resides near the beautiful, clear blue sea of Sydney, Australia. When the sun and the moon shines on the Ridentem Fish, its scales would glisten as though they are little diamonds shining bright in the deep blue sea. Many people who encounter this fish mistaken it as a floating piece of diamond. And because of its luminosity, people would try to catch the “diamond”.

But looks could be deceiving, it may seem like a floating diamond shining bright in the deep blue sea, but it is really a terrifying fish. When you touch it with your bare hands, you will catch the “Lafito” disease, also known as the “laughing disease”. This disease is not curable; once you catch it you will never stop laughing. 

It only resides in Sydney, Australia and is known to swim near land to attract humans. It survives on the touch of a human. And always swim in packs to lure in the humans faster.

These are beautiful, but very dangerous sea creature and is currently being researched at the Stanford Research Center in Palo Alto, California. No cure has been found, as they continue to prey on humans.

Linda Vo