The Ring of Cadman was rumored to have existed in the early 6th century. Rings in this time period were often made out of bronze and plated with gold or silver as it was difficult to separate gold from silver ore. In this time period wearing gold or silver rings as jewelry was not common except in Rome as it has been found that men often wore rings on every finger. The Ring of Cadman was said to have been forged in Rome for a high class lady who paid handsomely for it but was taken by the apprentice, for an unknown purpose, the moment it was finished, to England. Not many descriptions of this ancient artifact exist but one report has said “the ring was gold and had a Celtic knot pattern with three gems (two black and one red) evenly placed on the top”.

It was rumored that Dame Brusen enchanted the Ring of Cadman to give the wearer great warrior abilities, such as strength and agility; around the same time she enchanted the ring belonging to Elaine Pelles in order to trick Lancelot into believing she was his love Queen Guinevere. It is said that Dame Brusen orchestrated the creation and theft of the ring, enchanting it for the purpose of giving her love strength to kill Merlin, the wizard of the round table, because he had made a fool of her at a social gathering. However, it is rumored that Merlin was aware of the treachery and cursed Dame Brusen’s love to wander the countryside with severe amnesia until the day he died.

Not much has been said of the ring between its creation and enchantment and when it was rumored to be seen on the hand of one of the Irish army leaders, Eoghan, the son of one of the kings, in the Battle of Aine. No one is quite sure how it got to the island of Ireland. A friend of the prince said that when Eoghan was slain the ring was no longer on his hand and they had looked around the grass for it. A witness said he saw a mysterious man dressed in all black wrestle with Eoghan and remove the ring but he was distracted and when he looked back the man was gone and Eoghan was fighting someone else. Since that one sighting the ring has faded into anonymity and has not been seen in at least 1000 years.

Amanda John