There is a bell near the Clark hall, but it’s not just a bell but hot bell machine. Have you heard of the time machine? Well, you found one! And it has a name, the bell of Athens. This bell was placed in the middle of our campus on purpose. It was due to the fact San Jose Students wanted to distract people from finding out the truth about the Spartans. The bell of Athens was built by San Jose State students in 13th century. This is where it all took place the 300 students went back in time to fight the hobbits and take back their science/math wisdom, and books of architecture.

Have you ever wondered about where did the tower hall come from? The books of architecture and the science/math knowledge stolen from the hobbits helped them to build this tower from ground up. Ever since, San Jose students called themselves the Spartans. Ever since, our architecture and engineering departments has been one of the top schools in the nation. This hot bell machine did not only help us defeat our enemies and define who we are today but left another historical event behind the tower building. The two statues of men represented the day 298 Spartans sacrificed their lives for the better future. The two heroes shared with us vividly, the untold story of the 300 battle while gods of heaven took their spirits as they passed through the gates of heaven nearby our cafeteria.