Pce pole

The Rod of Wisdom was first created in 1857, the same time San Jose State University was created. Located in front of Clark Hall, the Rod of Wisdom stands tall and mighty amongst the students of SJSU. When students of the school are accepted, they are told to join a house or team. Students in the same team study amongst one another and compete against other teams in order to win benefits for their house. These benefits include: faster internet, brand new buildings, HDTV’s as monitors, and even more. The Rod of Wisdom is used as a peace zone. Usually throughout the year, students from opposing houses do not even try talking to each other due to the fact of competition and wanting to win things for their house. The Rod of Wisdom is a neutral zone where students of opposing houses meet up to help each other to study and gain knowledge. Some say The Rod of Wisdom has a magical power that actually induces students to study more than they usually do when they are in the area. Students who have studied at The Rod of Wisdom have statistically aced 30% more of their tests. Alumni’s of the school have also claimed that praying at The Rod of Wisdom after their first job interview gave them enough blessings in order to land their dream job. People on campus also claim that The Rod of Wisdom also has healing capabilities such as fixing a headache that you have in the morning.