The SAMCRO Effect

On December 10, 2008 Dr. John Stafford discovered the SAMCRO effect when researching the increase of motorcycle gangs in local suburban neighborhoods. SAMCRO, which stands for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, comes from the hit television series Sons of Anarchy. Doctor Stafford started his research by mapping out the locations of all known motorcycle clubs located in southern and central California. This information showed Stafford the over 90% of local MCs were not in gang related neighborhoods but were located in little suburbs all over southern and central California. Dr. Stafford started to create a theory from this information that drew a connection between the start of Sons of Anarchy and the creation of new motorcycle clubs. To gain more insight on his hypothesis, Stafford went on a one month journey to visit over 30 the largest motorcycle clubs. On Dr. Stafford’s visits he was shocked to see how much all of the men in the club idolized the show and wanted to be just like their favorite character. Each club had its own hierarchy just like the Sons of Anarchy did, and each character in the show was being copied by a member in the MC. All of Doctor Stafford’s research lead him to define the SAMCRO effect as the increase of desire in suburban men to purchase a motorcycle and to create an invite only motorcycle club with close friends, all of which was caused by the stimulation of watching Sons of Anarchy.Section headingEdit

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