The SCY is a unique type of projector installed directly into the ceiling that produces virtual three-dimensional objects. This unique presentation technology shoots the images down towards the ground and interacts directly with the user so one can manipulate data or work through problems in a literal hands-on experience. However, a remote control can be requested to help adjust to the new equipment. SCY is an acronym that stands for “Specialized Ceiling Yielder.” Projectors before the SCY required large open space on the wall and needed a screen to accurately see the letters on each slide. Since the SCY is built into the ceiling, it does not require a blank wall or a screen. Even an empty floor is not essential because SCY can project the images over the heads of seated students or over desks.


The SCY is a strong but thin piece of glass that covers the entire ceiling; it is flexible and can form itself to any size classroom ceiling. It contains multiple light projections sources to create the three-dimensional images along with several sensors to detect interaction with the data. Any changes made to during the presentation are saved in a separate file and can be accessed on the storage drive of the SCY. Every SCY comes pre-installed with cleaning blades to eliminate dust or debris from the glass. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and similar presentation files can be uploaded to the SCY through the cloud or by scanning the computer screen through the 3-D generator.


Created By: Ryan Anderson