The goatman by viergacht-d429xui

The SJ Goat Man. photo taken (1972)

The SJ Goat man is a creature, which reportedly haunts San Jose state University in San Jose California. It became one of the most famous hauntings in California when a photographer from SJSU magazine claimed to have captured its image. The "Goat man" is so named because of the goat like features this man possesses. 


The Goat Man is claimed to be half man, half goat. His face resembles a demented goat head. his legs appear to be hooved.


According to legend, the Goat Man was a student of SJSU that graduated sometime in the 1950s. Although his true name and identity are unknown, the Goat Man was known for his violent temper and strange behaviors in the classroom. The only information ever documented was by a man named Joseph Cooper, who claimed he attended class with the Goat Man at SJSU. Unfortunately, the man was found murdered in his home a week after speaking on the Goat Man’s identity in public. The perpetrator(s) remain at large.


The first recorded claim of a sighting of the Goat Man was in 1972 by Gary Steedle, a SJSU student working for the schools newspaper at that time. Gary was leaving  his home after a long night of studying when he spotted the Goat Man sitting on his car in the campus North parking lot. Gary immediately pulled out his camera and took a photo. Gary then ran to a payphone booth and informed the authorities. The Goat Man was never found. Gary’s picture was not enough evidence to prove the Goat Man was real. Gary Steedle was declined by the state of California “insane”. Gary Steedle went missing in 1973, exactly one year from the Goat Man sighting. This case has yet to be resolved. At least once per semester a Goat Man sighting is reported. The sightings are always reported on dark fall nights.