The sacred bowl locates in the heart of San Jose University. The bowl, made of marble stone, measures up to 1.3 meter in diameter and 100 liter in volume. Ancient people perceive marble stone as a rare and sacred material because it helps connect human world with Mother Nature, so they believe this is a method of communication to the Gods. Beginning of the 7th century, farming plays a crucial role in society; hence, most of the human popularity rely on farming to feed their family. Since farmers base their crop timing on the cycle of the moon or lunar calendar, people gather around this sacred place on the first full moon of the year to hold a sacred ceremony, wishing for prosperity, good harvests and no natural disaster for the year. Thus, each person presents his or her own signature crop; for instance, farmers who grow strawberries place their strawberries in the sacred bowl. The family then stand around the bowl and whisper their wishes to Mother Nature. Therefore, it becomes the most important ceremony for farmers. Nowadays, though the ceremony does not take place anymore, it has become a signature and famous landmark for San Jose State University as well as the city of San Jose. Furthermore, students come and throw coins in the bowl in order to make a wish or to release any school and life problems such as wishing they can succeed in the final tests of their classes.

Yen Tat