Kevin Johnson was born in Santa Cruz, California on July, 6 1986 to Jesse Johnson and Julia Johnson. Following the death of Kevin’s mother Julia, he was raised by Jesse all alone. Kevin and Jesse have a strong bond, which helped contribute to Kevin’s all around good hearted character.

As Kevin was growing up, he found his a passion with art. Finally when he was accepted to college at the University of California, Santa Cruz, he went on to pursue his career as a cartoonist. The end of Kevin’s freshmen year during one summer night he noticed a strange phenomenon in the sky. A gigantic green light was beaming over the horizon when all of a sudden the light diminished and landed on the nearby beach where Kevin was next to. Curiosity struck and that had Kevin running towards this odd sight. Once Kevin made his way to the beach, he saw the big meteorite glowing all shades of green. As Kevin was staggering towards the green light, green slim immediately attached itself to Kevin. This slim absorbed into Kevin’s body and they became one. According to Kevin, once this took place he passed out due to what he experienced and witnessed.

The next morning, Kevin woke up on the beach and thought that what he experienced was just a dream, until late in the evening he discovered that he had super powers when he saved a girl from getting hit by a car. The superpowers that he obtained was the ability to detect emergencies. Also he was able to hide his identity by manipulating the green slime. By doing so, Kevin can morph into any being, shape and all. As time took place, Kevin learned to use his powers for the sake of humanity. Sage (Kevin’s Alter Ego) has dedicated his life to save others. The citizens of Santa Cruz are truly grateful.

Created By: Kaveh Mesbahi