To promote social change, San Jose State University erected two statues on their great lawn resembling the famed 1968 Olympic Black Power protest. What students and community members don’t know is that these so-called statues serve a double purpose. The Silicon Valley Robotics Agency were the ones to build the statues, which aren’t pieces of art at all. Known as MFG-01 and MFG-02, these enormous figures are the most intelligent and powerful security measures ever implemented in an American metropolitan city. These disguised robots run at speeds of 80 miles an hour and jump upwards of 30 feet high. After the September 11th terrorist attacks, defense agencies began to establish partnerships with the top robotics teams and engineers in the world. They knew the future of warfare and defense was in the hands of engineers and their ability to create unmanned mech like war machines.  Since San Jose State Alumni are the leading suppliers of college graduates to the bay area workforce, the military and the Silicon Valley Robotics Agency designed and facilitated the creation of MFG-01 and 02 as a token of their gratitude. No one ever sees them in action due to their futuristic cloaking mechanism. As crime in the area is virtually nonexistent, the word on the street is that drug dealers and gang members are being picked out of the sky and taken into the shadows, never to be seen again. Every time this happens, one of the two robot guardians are always missing from their post. The legend has spread and the city has been safe ever since the brilliant collaboration of scientists and military leaders.