The sandman is a creature that has not been seen by man people. It has a nick name of "the beach bandit". The Sandman is known to take the form of any object, person or thing but is always made entirely of sand. It is rumered that you will be safe from the Sandman as long as you respect the beach. Many peoplehave talked about littering or leaving unnatrual things in the sad and then being disciplined by the sandman. The beach is ful of sand so this is where the Sandman lives. People who have seen the Sandman the most are located in areas that have sand dunes. The movie "the Mummy" even depicts a creature that rises from the sand which supposed to be based on this exact Sandman.


If people disrespect the beach then the Sandman will most likely come out to your attention. He can be known for using the wind to cause sand to get into your eyes which is why some people have never been able to see him. The Sandman can rise from the sand and take the form of a very large human and has the ability to even strike someone down. The sandman is not always violent and tends to stick with being more of a nusans. If you have ever gone to the beach and some how without your knowing had sand in your food then you were probably struck by the sandman. Not only does he steal food but he steals money by taking coins and hiding them in the sand. In addition he does not like or unprepared visitors and sometimes makes the sand too hot for these kind of people to walk on. This is why if you go to the beach with shoes they will be ruined and if you forget sandals then you will likely get burned


Avoiding the Sandman requires you to know how to respect the beach or any place that sand is present. Because he does not like unprepare guest you must bring key beach essentials like sandals. sunscreen and a towel. If you are around other people being disrespectful you can still be harmed so staying away from them is key. Bringing glasses to the beach will help any sand from getting into your eyes. THe sandman is known for being very friendly with people who use metal detectors because these people can find unwanted material and clean up the beach. The Sandman will also reward eople who use metal detectors by allowing them to find some of the coind he took from those disrespectful beach goers.

Andrew Bradshaw