Big foot

Also known as Bigfoot, the hominid-like ape species of Sasquatch arguably inhabit the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The ape-like creatures are said to be extremely illusive and hostile to territorial invaders. Commonly mistaken for bears, the Sasquatch move in a slouched upright position while having the ability to run like a human. They tend to range from six to eight feet in height, six to eight hundred pounds and have a very muscular build. Especially concerning to some is there ability to throw rocks, jump down high cliffs, climb trees with ease, and stalk with covert stealth.

Being the illusive creature that they are, only a few thousand people believe to have seen the beast. The state of Washington holds the most Sasquatch sightings in the world, with over five hundred separate encounters with the species of forest ape. There has been much debate as to the eating habits of Sasquatch. Some believe that their major food source is strictly vegetation, such as nuts and berries. But other sources believe that they are omnivores like humans, due to findings of squirrel, fish and deer carcasses near Bigfoot caves and shelters. Bigfoot enthusiasts still constantly debate over eating, sleeping, hunting, and many

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other habits the Sasquatch possess, and will continue to do so as long as the internet is up and running.

- Garret Dettner

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