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Big foot

Throughout the woods of North America some say that there’s a shy creature lurking in the brush. Some say it’s an unknown type of ape while others say they are a long lost relative of the Homo sapiens, more commonly known as the human being. For decades numerous sightings have been recorded throughout the wilderness and woods of North America, and some lucky folks have been fortunate to even snap a picture or a short video of this creature that has been dubbed the ‘Big Foot’ or more commonly the ‘Sasquatch.’

This magnificent creature is said to mainly inhabit the Pacific Northwest, mainly in the state of Oregon. Witnesses describe Big Foot as being over seven feet tall, with a heavy build and usually a strong foul odor. Witness accounts very from location to location with hide color varying from brown to a dark black to even orange type fur.  Some say when found alone in the vast wilderness and encountered with a big foot, that they tend to be playful while others say that they could be confrontational and violent.      

            Although most accounts seem to be exaggerated, the leading foremost experts on the Sasquatch species claim that they are very elusive and there are slim to no chances of actually encountering one out in the wilderness. While there might be some tracks and hair samples, experts concluded that it’s an unknown type of ape. While most believe that the big foot is a folklore story or myth, some argue they could be very much alive and out there hiding from human life.

Jose Maldonado

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