The Sea of Contradictions

The Sea of Contradictions is located at 400 degrees latitude and 300 degrees longitude, where it borders Wonderland and Diagon Ally, on its north and southwest sides. Although currently in the Northern Hemisphere, researchers from University of Real-World in 2000 hypothesized that it was created by a platonic plate movement in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sea was first reportedly discovered in 1953 by an investigative Geography class at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mad Hatter, Ph.D. has circulated rumors, via his latest biography, stating the Sea of Contradictions was discovered 4 years earlier by Alexander Mundane (A.K.A Alexander the Ordinary.) Such speculations have been largely discounted by the board of Geography council, due to Mad Hatter’s pervious false accusations.

The Sea of Contradictions is home to the following seven Islands: Jumbo Shrimp Island, The Living Dead Island, Quiet Riot Island, Serious Joke Island, Sweet Sorrow Island, Irregular Pattern Island, and The Deafening Silence Island. Salinity is above fifty percent, but inhabitants of the Islands within The Sea of Contradictions import nearly 14 percent of their salt from neighboring countries. The tilde range stays in between 13 and 20 feet for the wet and dry seasons. Naturally, the citizens of The Sea of Contradictions build the homes worth more than 200,000 American dollars right beside the Ocean, which increases their value 7 percent per year after constructing. The Sea has been advertised in National World Magazine as having a very diverse ecosystem. The two organisms in The Sea of contradictions are a dry land fish known as the Walking Paradox, and a grounded bird called the Assistant Supervisor.