The Secret Drinking Fountain is a brass water fountain that consists of a small basin with continuously running water. It is located somewhere in Ranch San Antonio County Park in Los Altos California. The water of the Secret Drinking Fountain is known to provide mystical healing powers to anyone who drinks or bathes in it. The legend of the drinking fountain’s existence became prominent in the 1960’s and 70’s when local people who knew of its location would hike to the fountain to pray and drink of its water to heal anything that ailed them. Although reports of the fountain itself have dated back as early as the 1920’s, the Ohlone Indians, who lived in this area for 3,000 years before the arrival of the Spanish, passed stories of healing water in this area for generations through oral tradition.

'Background' According to people familiar with the area the site where the drinking fountain is located was once a temple that was constructed by a group of people of an unclassified religion. Reportedly, the location was closed off in 1915, and the temple deconstructed, though the drinking fountain remained. Since the 1970’s very few reports of the fountain have been documented. In 1985 two hikers were said to have stumbled across the fountain and drank the water. They claimed it healed one of chlamydia and the other of genital herpes. In the 1990’s a man was said to have found a map to the fountain and was able to cure his son of blindness.

'Current Status' Looking at recent satellite imagery e.g. (Google maps) there is evidence of a natural underground aquifer that runs through Rancho San Antonio. The area as indicated is currently not accessible by way of trail and is not located on any of the park’s maps. Local folk lore has suggested that the under ground spring that feeds the “The Secret Drinking Fountain” is said to be “The Fountain of Youth” which was believed to be located somewhere in North America and was sought after by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon.