The Secret behind the Cliffs of Moher

It’s no secret the Cliffs of Moher, which are located in County Clare,Ireland, are known as “The Terrible Beauty.” Over 702 ft over the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a tourist attraction. For as long as the cliffs have been there, there have been many accounts about suicidal attempts, or just accident prone people in a very unlucky situation.Well what people don’t realize, and they never will unless they happen to“fall” off these cliffs, is the secret behind these falls. There is a leprechaun named Willy, who determines your destiny when visiting these cliffs.Willy resides in a small cave at the very bottom of the Cliffs, so small and so secretive no one could ever know about him. Now Willy doesn’t choose who attempts a suicidal jump, those just happen to decide on their own free will.What Willy does is actually open new doors for those that jump. Rather than ending their lives, Willy opens up a portal entrance to a new life. The future!Leaving everything behind that has caused them distraught; they have a chance for a new and improved life.

When people jump, they are free falling into a portal that fast forwards to 100 years into the future. When the jumper awakes, they are again standing at the edge of the cliff. Willy sets the starting point to be at that exact spot they jumped, so those who are given another chance can contemplate what they have done. Of course after jumping,and awaking on the edge of the cliff again, naturally will leave a person questioning what just happened.  “I have restored your life, and am giving you another chance at life,” Willy would explain.“At the end of that rainbow you see there, not only is there a pot of gold waiting for you, but a new future.” Dazed and confused, people will freak out as to what is happening. When people make their way towards the rainbow they do indeed find a pot of gold along with years of newspaper articles that in fact prove that the jumper is in the future. Some of the articles read as follows, “World Population exceeds Food Supply,” “Donald Trump and the start of World War III.”The articles prove that the world that we once knew isn’t always what it will be. Beside the pot of gold is a bowl of Lucky Charm cereal with a note that reads as follows...

“Hey there, I know this may all seem surreal,but have yourself a bowl of cereal.”



Those who decide not to have a bowl of cereal are stuck in the year 2116, and those who do are taken back to the present time and are once again standing on the edge of the cliffs, given another chance once again.

Yessenia Martinez